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hello and welcome!


I am passionate about helping others function better.


Join me and together we'll focus on what it takes for you to feel your best. Each session is unique, but they all incorporate movements to help you build strength, balance better, gain flexibility.

Options offered in every class to challenge you, wherever you are. Clients notice​ a different way of being in the world.


They move easier.

When accidents happen, they have less broken, dislocated, torn or twisted anything. When healing, they get back on their feet faster.


back to living the way they were

no PT - no braces - no crutches - no slings - no casts

no lost time - no missing out on life

Pretty amazing!

Build strength

Gain flexibility

Have more confidence

Move easier

Feel better

Are you ready for some of that? Join us for a class!

Live-streamed so you can practice where you want

Recordings available so you can practice when you want




Yoga Class
Yoga Practice

about me

I'm Michelle Kelly, a dedicated 200-hour RYT Certified Yoga Instructor, passionate about fostering functional strength,

mobility, and recovery through yoga.


My personal journey, marked by years of grappling with debilitating back and neck pain, led me to discover the profound healing potential of Yoga Better. This innovative approach not only alleviated my pain but became the catalyst for a deeper understanding of the intricate connection

between movement and well-being.


Motivated by the life-changing impact of yoga in my own journey, I pursued the comprehensive teacher training with a commitment to empowering others. Through my classes, I share the knowledge that brought me freedom from pain as well as a profound appreciation

for the life-enhancing benefits of yoga.


Since 2017, I've been teaching and sharing, envisioning a world where everyone experiences the vitality and joy that yoga has brought into my life. My mission is for you to enjoy optimal well-being,

enabling you to shine your light

and contribute your unique gifts to the world.

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Join me on the mat,

and let's create positive change together.

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