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I'm a news reporter filing my first ever review - of anything. 

Because - well read on.
Bad morning. Running Late. Balancing a monster cup of coffee, iPad playing the morning news, cellphone, laptop, reporter note pad, etc. to my car. I tripped on my high heels and layed out on the driveway like a grounded superman. My husband picked me up and was terrified my hip was broken.
Well, nothing was broken, dislocated or twisted. But I was sure by day’s end I would be sore and miserable. I was not.
My hard to impress husband and I believe Michelle's yoga kept my injuries to scraped knees & bruised pride. The weekly zoom classes on balance and basic strength also help me recover faster when I hunch too many hours over a laptop riding in a car or swing a tripod too far afield. Pre-yoga, such mishaps have sent me to doctors, physical therapists, and steroid injections.


As for the scary spill? My mind knows I fell but my body does not. That is something. Thanks Yogi Michelle!

Michelle’s classes have helped me to regain range of motion in a bad shoulder and knee. I am much stronger and able to do the things I love like hiking and biking, pickleball and golf! I can continue with this program as I age and be able to keep up with my grandkids!! Thank you Michelle for such a great class and your awesome guidance.


Functional Flexibility with Michelle has been such a wonderful experience. I highly recommend her classes to anyone looking to improve posture, flexibility, core strength, and even just to have an hour devoted to ones own sense of inner peace! Do it for yourself!


The yoga you've been looking for - simple, challenging and safe. I love this method, and Michelle is the best! You will feel better!


"I count down until my next yoga session with Michelle--one of the best ways to start the day. I'm so impatient, I never thought yoga would be for me...until I tried Michelle's class. The stretches and routines are so relaxing and meditative, the hour flies by. I'm sore later and frequently surprised at my new-found strength and energy thanks to Michelle."                  A.V.

“It’s been only three months of

Sunday class and I am already seeing transformative changes. Recently I was bracing for my daily shoulder pain while removing my shirt and realized it didn’t hurt at all for the first time in years. My posture has visibly improved, I have much less pain and most significantly I’ve held off neck surgery!

I’ve had more tangible gains in strength and flexibility resulting from taking “Yoga for All” already than in my 1.5 years of private Pilates instruction. 


"Funny. Fun. Knows what she is doing. Trustworthy and cares about her clients -  truly cares about making their life better through movement and yoga. One of the most knowledgeable (and best!) teachers out there, especially when it comes to anatomy and the body. These are only a few words and phrases which capture the essence of what Michelle brings to her classes and clients. You know that when you are in class with her, she cares about you, your body, and you living your best life (with a strong body and a wider range of motion!)"                R.T.

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