class descriptions

Active & Able Chair Yoga - Level 1


11:00 am central

Classes are designed to move slowly. All movement from a standing or seated position. We'll focus on feeling our bodies, resting when needed. Our goal is to keep you safe and active.  No floor work required

60 minutes 

Functional Flexibility Yoga - Level 2


10:00 am central


6:00 pm central


9:00 am central

Class progresses at a gentle pace, building joint strength and range of motion. We'll use clear instruction, directing your attention to feeling your body, keeping each pose safe

Tuesday 60 minutes

Wednesday 60 minutes

Sunday 75 minutes

Condition & Challenge Yoga - Level 3


Level 3 classes will provide you with increasingly harder variations to heighten the amount of difficulty and complexity,

while also having the option to stay exactly where you are when you’ve reached your limit.

Hold poses for longer and move at a slightly faster pace, while still staying safe

60 minutes



Workshops are offered live, live-streamed and recorded.  Workshop topics vary.  Check back here for our newest offerings including Yoga for Runners, Yoga for Bikers and Yoga for Hikers.

120 minutes 

Small group classes


Small group classes can be customized to your schedule. 

Yoga for Golf Enthusiasts is our current offering.

Contact us for more details

live-streamed classes $10 per person

workshops $50 per person

small group classes -contact us for pricing

private lessons - contact us for pricing

can't make it for the live version?  we've got you covered!

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contact us here with questions

Michelle currently works as a yoga instructor at

Yoga Better Studio, Houston TX

Houston  Country Club, Houston TX

and of course 

Live-streamed online, Everywhere