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Our Classes

Whether you're seeking to move with greater ease or simply feel better in your body, our Live-Stream and On-Demand classes offer the flexibility to practice from anywhere.


Join us today and embark on a journey toward a stronger, more-functional you.

Active & Able Chair Yoga

This class is designed to help you increase muscle and bone strength, improve joint range-of- motion, and balance better. All movement is from a seated or standing position using the support of a chair. Our goal is to keep you safe and active.


Duration: 60 minutes


Functional Fitness Yoga

This class is designed to progress at a gentle pace while building joint strength and increasing range of motion. You will be given clear instructions and cues, to direct your attention towards the sensations in your body, and to achieve the poses safely and effectively.


Duration: 60 minutes


Condition & Challenge Yoga

Get ready to explore your edges! In this class, you will be provided with increasingly harder movements to heighten the intensity of the poses as the class progresses. You will hold poses for a longer period of time and move at a slightly faster pace than in our Functional Fitness Yoga class.


Duration: 60 minutes

Other Services

Discover our specialized yoga offerings, including TPI-certified Tee Up Yoga for golf enthusiasts, personalized private sessions, and performance-enhancing workshops.

golf ball.png

Tee Up Yoga
Coming Soon!

This class is designed for the gold enthusiast. Improve flexibility and functionality, so you can play better and longer.


Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified


Private Sessions

Do you have a specific goal in mind? Want to practice yoga with a group of friends?

Let's get started! Join our private yoga sessions, offered in-person or on live-stream, and enjoy an hour dedicated to you and your goals.



Enhance your performance and support your sport with our specialized yoga workshops.


Designed for bikers, hikers, runners, skiers, and golfers, these workshops help you elevate your game and achieve your best.

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