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Hello and Welcome!

I am passionate about helping others function better


Join me and together we'll focus on what it takes

for you to be your most functional self

Each session is unique,

but they all incorporate movements to help you

build strength, balance better, gain flexibility

Options offered in every class 

to challenge you where you are

Clients notice​ a different way of being in the world


They move easier

When accidents happen,

they have less broken, dislocated, torn or twisted anything

When healing, they get back on their feet faster


back to living the way they were

no PT - no braces - no crutches - no slings - no casts

no lost time - no missing out on life

Pretty amazing!

Build strength

Gain flexibility
Move easier

Feel better
Have more confidence

Are you ready for some of that? 

Join us for a class!

Live-streamed so you can practice where you want

Recordings available so you can practice when you want




Yoga Class
Butterfly Pose

I spent years struggling with back and neck pain.  It was debilitating and I did not want to engage with the world.  I just wanted to numb myself so I could start not feeling.

When I began practicing the Yoga Better style, I finally started to feel better.  I chose to complete my teacher training not to teach, but to understand why my pain was lessening and how I could continue progressing to be fully pain-free.  In 2017 I began teaching to share this with as many people as I could.  I want everyone I meet to feel as great as I do.  The world needs you - to engage, to share yourself.  If you aren't feeling well, it is challenging to do that.  Please join me, then get out there and be the change.

I can't wait to see what you do!

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